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Malibu C Color Wellness Kit

Create a “fresh from the salon” look with the only 100% vegan, at-home maintenance system that keeps your color treated hair refreshed and radiant between salon visits and preps hair for your next color service. Includes FREE Wellness Treatments.

Kit Content:

1 – Malibu C® Color Wellness Shampoo - 9 oz
1 – Malibu C® Color Wellness Conditioner - 9 oz
4 – FREE Malibu C® Miracle Repair - 0.5 oz each
1 – FREE Malibu C® Color Prepare - 5 grams

why you need it:

preserves and extends the health and vibrancy of all types of chemical remedys, from color and highlights to smoothers and relaxers
protects vibrant color while defending against future color loss
hair becomes instantly shinier, softer and full of body and bounce
nourishes and protects every strand of hair
strengthens hair from the inside out for superior body and manageability
especially beneficial for frequently shampooed color-treated hair

key benefits:

color wellness shampoo and conditioner

an exclusive sulfate-free, multifunctional amino acid surfactant technology
delivers the most gentle, yet powerfully effective, shampoo formula
helps protect and preserve color against environmental elements
exclusive plant-based proteins strengthen from the inside out for superior bounce, manageability and body
antioxidants help defend against aggressive oxidizers that cause color loss
formulated without sulfates, parabens, gluten and added salt
safe for all hair types, all ages

color prepare wellness remedy

100% vegan crystallized antioxidant remedy activates on the spot for maximum potency to prep hair for superior color results
helps prevent fading, brassiness and discoloration
accelerates processing time of color
protects scalp from itching or burning
formulated without sulfates, preservatives, parabens, , gluten and fragrance
safe for all hair types, all ages

miracle repair

a complex of 100% vegan, gluten-free plant proteins immediately restores shine, bounce and vitality to dry, brittle, damaged hair
vitamin-enriched formula infuses hair with vital moisture and nutrients
penetrates deeply to rebuild inner structure of hair
safe for all hair types, all ages
instantly detangles to improve comb-ability
formulated without parabens, and gluten

key wellness ingredients and their benefits:

Allantoin: Protects scalp and prevents irritation and inflammation.
Ascorbic Acid: Nature-identical vitamin C, freshly activated for topical use; removes damaging water deposits and purifies hair and scalp.
Betaine: Derived from sugar beets. Improves hair’s texture and softness with superior, penetrating moisture retention.
Flax Protein: A new and superior plant protein that conditions while leaving a remarkable smooth, silky feel. Provides moisture binding properties and creates a barrier that protects against external pollutants while retaining natural oils and moisture.
Malibu C® Exclusive Wellness Shampoo Complex: 100% vegan. Derived from plants; no animal-derivatives. Pure and clear formula contains no colorants or harsh ingredients. Sulfate-free cleansing agents originate from a multi-functional amino acid technology that is seven times gentler than
traditional sodium laurel sulfate-based shampoo formulas to help maintain natural oils for moisturizing benefits.
Polyquaternium 59: Absorbs UV rays to preserve the integrity and strength of hair. Helps protect against color fading.
Pro Vitamin B5 (Panthenol): Absorbs deep into the hair shaft to repair hair and improve moisture retention. Helps protect against the damaging effects of the environment (air, UV rays and water).
Rice Protein: Unique, this vegetable protein enhances the manageability and body of hair. Smoothes hair cuticle; improves gloss and texture while providing a protective barrier on damaged, oxidized hair.
Vitamin E: Powerful antioxidant; helps protect both hair integrity and color.